Proclaiming Christ & Making Disciples Globally

The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.
— 2 Corinthians 9:6 (ESV)



  • Freedom to do ministry: NMSI prides itself on prompting the principle of "decisions must be made at the closest point of implementation." While NMSI requires planning and accountability of its missionaries, and regional directors provide guidance, advice and coaching, NMSI ultimately believes each missionary and ministry are responsible for their ministry outcomes.
  • Better placement and preparation for cross-cultural ministry: NMSI will help you to be placed in the right ministry spot: NMSI can help get you where God is calling you to or what He is calling you to do. This could be a geographic, demographic or specific ministry focus. It could also include opening a new field/ministry for NMSI or joining an existing team. All first-term missionaries participate in training provided by our partner ministry Mission Training International (MTI).
  • Keeping missionaries effective and healthy while on the field: Through an established system of Regional Directors that act as a liaison and support for missionaries in the five regions NMSI serves (Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas, South Pacific), we take care of our missionaries' overall well-being and effectiveness in ministry. Our Regional Directors have significant field experience that enables them to speak into missionaries' spiritual, professional and personal growth and development.


  • Accountability donors and sending churches are looking for: NMSI is a registered 501 (3)(c) charity with 25 years of experience. It is also a member of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), and has a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator.
  • Help with your partnership development: All NMSI missionaries raise their own support. NMSI provides assistance with planning and budgeting, and guides missionaries in the fundraising process, equips them with tools necessary for partnership development. Missionaries in pipeline are assigned a support contact in our Human Resources Division that works with them in fundraising towards a timely deployment. Advancement Division will help you develop your personal partnership development plan. NMSI also provides media services to help missionaries in their fundraising and reporting.
  • Most funds possible going directly to ministry: You and your donors will love the fact that NMSI withholds one of the lowest team share* among other North American mission agencies allowing more of the gifts designated to a particular ministry to go to that ministry.
  • * Team share covers the costs of providing services to NMSI missionaries such as finance/accounting, CGO office expenses, international operations administrative costs, recruitment, postage, newsletters, brochures and various other costs associated with the overall function of the organization and support of missionaries.

Member Care and Other Services

  • Dedicated team and caring community at home base, the Center for Global Outreach: Many of those who join NMSI and go through orientation do not fail to notice how much love and care those serving at the CGO put into what they do every day to serve the missionaries on the field. This can be found in every department whether it is Finance, International Operations, Human Resources, Mobilization, Development or Communications.
  • Prayer support: We have a prayer team at NMSI CGO that will make sure that you are prayed for by sharing any needs or petitions that you have with people who are dedicated to praying for missionaries. We all believe that prayer is the most powerful tool anyone venturing out for cross-cultural ministry can have in his or her toolbox.
  • Services to help meet your ministry needs: NMSI missionaries enjoy access to professional media services that help them put together newsletters, brochures, displays and much more. Our Finance department will make sure that all donations are timely and properly processed, reimbursement requests from missionaries are fulfilled, and financial partners of NMSI missionaries receive full assurance of NMSI's accountability and IRS compliance. We help with mobilization opportunities to facilitate short-term missions projects and interns. Among other services, NMSI missionaries enjoy personal financial planning advice, life coaching, and counseling.

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