Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

Our CGO (Center for Global Outreach) in Fort Myers, Florida was right in the direct path of Hurricane Irma last week. It impacted both our office and all of our home office missionaries' homes. While there is some damage, none of it is catastrophic and we praise God for His protection over us. Read more about how you can be involved in helping NMSI and other post-Hurricane Irma.

Testimonies from Staff:

Having the advance notice of Hurricane Irma coming, allowed my wife, Sveta and I to make a decision of how and who we would experience it with. With my Father being 85 and in the early stages of Alzheimers, and under constant care of my Mother, we decided to travel 25 miles south and spend it with them. The dynamic of the Hurricane in their small apartment and 3 days together were more meaningful for them than we ever expected. My Father was so pleased with the quality time we had together, without electricity, TV, or air conditioning. Just a radio. We are glad we chose family! - Jim V.

I flew home early from a restricted Central Asia country to help my family in North Fort Myers prepare for the storm. I arrived just 30 minutes before the Fort Myers airport closed! - Phil Hudson

It felt like I had just a heartbeat to board up my home, pack up myself and my recently injured dog to fly to safety. What do you pack when you think you are going to lose everything? My house was in an area that became a mandatory evacuation zone and was projected to get 10 feet of storm surge. While watching and praying from afar, my pup took a turn for the worse and for a day I thought I was going to lose him as well. The sun has come out now, my dog is miraculously better, and my house is not under 10 feet of water! Praise Jesus! Looking ahead, I was to move in a few weeks into a home on NMSI's campus that now has a tree in it's roof and water damage. I am praying that once again, God will work in the restoration process of our CGO (Center for Global Outreach). -Abigail Alter

Published on 09/16/2017 by Abigail Alter

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